Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Antares

A culture of diversity drives a culture of excellence.

Antares believes diversity propels our business forward and creates value for all stakeholders, from employees to investors.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Antares

A culture of diversity drives a culture of excellence.

Antares believes diversity propels our business forward and creates value for all stakeholders, from employees to investors.

Our Commitment

At Antares Capital, we understand that supporting diversity, equity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do for society, but also the right thing to do for our business. This mandate is woven into our values and the belief that we are ONE team, stronger and better together when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity regardless of what we look like, where we come from or who we love. That means building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, and engaging in candid conversations in our company and our industry to propel us forward.

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Driving Change

Antares actively embraces and fosters change within the financial sector. Listen to Antares board members discuss how greater diversity, equity and inclusion aren’t just the right thing to do—it also makes good business sense.

A Culture of Belonging

Valuing different perspectives. Embracing unique backgrounds and cultures. The Antares Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council and our employee-led affinity groups are at the heart of our efforts to celebrate, educate and incorporate the rich contributions that diversity in all its forms generates.

Antares Asian Association

AAA provides developmental, educational and cultural activities as a means of promoting professional and personal relationships across Antares. The group aims to showcase the talent and competencies of the Asian heritage community and develop a support network that encourages retention and career development.

Antares Veterans Network

The Antares Veterans Network provides Antares veterans and supporters of veterans’ issues with a collaborative network, and opportunities for personal and professional development through projects, partnerships, education and community.

Antares Women’s Exchange

The mission of the Antares Women’s Exchange is to attract, develop, retain and advance women within Antares. Our first affinity group, AWE began as a grassroots effort and was soon embraced firm-wide as a forum to inspire and encourage women to reach their full potential. AWE regularly brings employees together to discuss topics that improve the culture and boost employee confidence. Events include coffees and cluster meetings, lunch and learn sessions and networking. AWE also collaborates externally with other firms and attends events to network and be inspired.

Antares Black Council

The Antares Black Council seeks to build strong human capital and community at Antares. ABC aims to provide experiences from which we can learn from one another, build authentic, meaningful connections and foster a culture where Black employees feel supported in their careers and safe in their identities.

Antares Pride Alliance

The Pride Alliance’s mission is to support and further Antares’ commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by fostering an environment where LGBTQ+ colleagues are comfortable to identify as such and their perspectives are heard. The group, 40+ strong, advocates for the inclusion and security of all LGBTQ+ employees and business partners by confronting prejudices, educating themselves and others, and encouraging policies and practices that promote a culture free of homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism so that LGBTQ+ employees are valued, retained and promoted.

Hispanic or Latino Affinity Group

The Hispanic or Latino Affinity Group looks to develop opportunities to empower and celebrate the culture and achievements of Hispanic and Latino employees. The group does this through education, mentorship and engagement within the community and the business so that Hispanic and Latino employees are supported, retained and promoted.

“Organizations – much like people – should be willing to strive for continued improvement rather than accepting things ‘as they are,’ and I applaud Antares for doing so. A strong diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy will not just make Antares stronger, but will also bring qualified people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas to the table.”

Rishi Bahl, AVP, Credit

Putting Our Employees First

Furthering our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion are company-wide policies that establish equity and equality for all employees, while also providing ample opportunities and support, both in and outside the office.

Providing Balance

We love welcoming little ones into the Antares family, so we strive to develop policies that support the balance of life and career commitments. Some of these policies include:

  • Adoption assistance
  • Breast milk shipping
  • Domestic partner benefits
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • On-site mothers’ rooms
  • Parental leave for primary and non-primary caregivers in connection with the birth of a child, adoption or surrogacy
  • Reproductive assistance
  • “Welcome Baby” gifts

Listening & Learning

We’re actively soliciting and responding to feedback received from our people—having honest, courageous conversations about equity, career development and advancement—and turning what we learn into actions that improve our company culture and empower our employees.

  • Anti-racism training
  • Candid conversations
  • Culture surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Listening circles
  • Polling questions
  • Pulse surveys
  • Unconscious bias training

Representation Matters

We’re turning a critical eye on our own practices for recruiting talent, making changes that will ensure we attract candidates and build teams that reflect the communities where we live and work.

  • Affinity Group referrals
  • Anti-bias software
  • Diverse candidate slates
  • Diverse interview panels

Community Involvement

We’re a giving bunch. Whether sprucing up a Chicago school, tending to a community garden or building homes for our furry friends, our team makes a difference in the communities where we live and work. Whether through our volunteer efforts, charitable matching or corporate giving program, we work together to make a meaningful difference.

Our Pledge

Antares is committed to driving change—in our business, our industry and our community. To learn, hold ourselves accountable and take action, we are proud to align ourselves with organizations that stand for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Responsible Investing

At Antares ESG factors have always been integrated into the framework of our investment process.


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