Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Antares

A culture of diversity drives a culture of excellence.

Antares believes diversity propels our business forward and creates value for all stakeholders, from employees to investors.

Our Commitment

At Antares Capital, we understand that supporting diversity, equity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do for society, but also the right thing to do for our business. This mandate is woven into our values and the belief that we are ONE team, stronger and better together when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity regardless of what we look like, where we come from or who we love. That means building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, and engaging in candid conversations in our company and our industry to propel us forward.

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Areas of Focus

As a market leader, we actively look to recruit, develop, and retain professionals to help us advance our business objectives by bringing their unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds to our table. That’s why we are focused on these five strategic priorities.


We are developing pathways and pipelines to expand access to careers in financial services, while continuing to engage those currently working in the industry and sector.


We are promoting a culture of learning, connection, and community through ongoing dialogue, candid conversations, and impactful events.


We are focusing on inclusion, helping team members develop the skills required to contribute to a respectful, affirming, and productive workplace.


We are promoting equitable practices that enable career growth and advancement opportunities for all.


We are sharing goals and metrics that hold us accountable for measuring progress and achieving results.

Driving Change

Antares actively embraces and fosters change within the financial sector. Listen to Antares board members discuss how greater diversity, equity and inclusion aren’t just the right thing to do—it also makes good business sense.

A Culture of Belonging

Valuing different perspectives. Embracing unique backgrounds and cultures. Ensuring employees have a seat at the table. Antares' Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee, the Impact Council, and our employee-led impact groups are at the heart of our efforts to celebrate, educate and incorporate the rich contributions that diversity in all its forms generates.

Antares Asian Association

AAA provides developmental, educational and cultural activities as a means of promoting professional and personal relationships across Antares. The group aims to showcase the talent and competencies of the Asian heritage community and develop a support network that encourages retention and career development.

Antares Veterans Network

The Antares Veterans Network provides Antares veterans and supporters of veterans’ issues with a collaborative network, and opportunities for personal and professional development through projects, partnerships, education and community.

Antares Women’s Exchange

The mission of the Antares Women’s Exchange is to elevate the voice of our membership and support, empower and advocate for women across the organization in order to achieve equitable representation across levels and functions, nurture a sense of community and belonging, and foster a culture of respect and inclusion where all voices are heard.

Antares Black Council

The Antares Black Council seeks to build strong human capital and community at Antares. ABC aims to provide experiences from which we can learn from one another, build authentic, meaningful connections and foster a culture where Black employees feel supported in their careers and safe in their identities.

Antares Pride Alliance

The Pride Alliance’s mission is to promote and foster an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ colleagues where their perspectives are heard, respected, and accepted in an open and safe space. We advocate for the inclusion and security of all LGBTQ+ employees and business partners by confronting prejudices, educating ourselves and others, and encouraging policies and practices that promote a culture free of homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism so that LGBTQ+ employees are attracted, valued, retained and promoted.

Hispanic or Latino Alliance Group

The Hispanic or Latino Alliance Group looks to develop opportunities to empower and celebrate the culture and achievements of Hispanic and Latino employees. The group does this through education, mentorship and engagement within the community and the business so that Hispanic and Latino employees are supported, retained and promoted.

“Organizations – much like people – should be willing to strive for continued improvement rather than accepting things ‘as they are,’ and I applaud Antares for doing so. A strong diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy will not just make Antares stronger, but will also bring people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas to the table.”

Rishi Bahl, AVP, Credit

Prioritizing Our Employees First

Furthering our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion are company-wide policies that establish equity and equality for all employees, while also providing ample opportunities and support, both in and outside the office.

Promoting Balance & Wellbeing

We strive to ensure our employees have a balanced approach to work. Antares is proud to offer and continually assess programs & benefits to achieve this goal, including:

  • Spousal benefits regardless of gender or sexual orientation
  • Domestic partner benefits regardless of gender or sexual orientation
  • Inclusive family planning options, including surrogacy, infertility treatments and reproductive assistance
  • Paid primary parental leave for up to sixteen weeks and secondary parental leave for up to six weeks for birth or adoption of a child
  • Flexible work policy, including remote work options
  • Dedicated wellness rooms
  • Free access to Calm & Headspace meditation and mindfulness apps
  • Covered gender assignment and reassignment surgery coverage and related support
  • Breast/Chest milk shipping
  • Employee Assistance Program

Listening & Learning

We understand that our people are our most valuable asset and investing in their growth contributes to the success of Antares. Opportunities provided by Antares range from cultural education to focused curriculum on industry trends and leadership. Managers also attend a variety of trainings to learn critical managerial skills. All employees also have access to various online learning platforms for self-paced learning. Antares also equips individuals with targeted development opportunities including career advancement programs for underrepresented groups such as women.

  • Skill-based training to support a culture of inclusion (in addition to mandatory unconscious bias training)
  • Social listening and focused conversations
  • Dedicated resources to support and solicit employee feedback
  • Third-party run, anonymous employee experience surveys
  • Employee Impact Group member events
  • Tuition reimbursement program
  • Student debt relief program
  • Annual DEI-related goal setting

Representation Matters

Antares wants to deepen our culture of belonging and be a destination for top talent.

It is Antares’ policy to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees, job applicants, and other covered persons without regard to unlawful considerations of race, color, religion or creed, gender, sex (including pregnancy), national origin or ancestry, sexual preference or identity, ethnicity, citizenship status, genetic information, military or veteran status, age, physical or mental disability, family status, or any other classification protected by applicable local, state, or federal laws.

We actively recruit, develop, and retain professionals to help advance our purpose by bringing their unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds to the Company. We are committed to facilitating a consistent recruiting process for all candidates, including the development of accessible, competency-based job descriptions, providing structured interview practices, and minimizing bias in decision making processes.

Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion will allow us to attract more capital, generate better returns for our shareholders and fulfill our purpose so that our people, partners and communities can achieve their full potential.

Our Pledge

Antares is committed to driving change—in our business, our industry and our community. To learn, hold ourselves accountable and take action, we are proud to align ourselves with organizations that stand for diversity, equity and inclusion.