Scale, Experience and Alignment Drive Opportunity

Built on a time-tested, credit-based underwriting approach, Antares maintains the largest and longest tenured portfolios of U.S. middle market, private equity-owned companies.

Through our advisory business, Antares provides exposure to our direct lending and syndicated loan investments through a range of products tailored to the individual needs of investors, which we believe can offer attractive risk-adjusted returns and diversify investor portfolios.

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The Antares Advantage


We believe our long-term relationships with 400+ private equity firms and knowledge and experience with hundreds of companies allow Antares to pursue highly attractive deals as they come to market, a cornerstone of our selective sourcing capabilities.


Antares has maintained the #1 U.S. sponsored, syndicated middle market league table position by deal count for the past 13 years. We are repeatedly requested to participate in and lead a majority of the transactions we finance. This allows Antares to directly influence investments and outcomes.LPC league table position Source: Refinitiv LPC for Sponsored Middle Market Transactions as published on January 4, 2023; Middle Market definition: Borrower sales size <=$500M and total loan deal size <=$500M. Rank is by total deal count from 2010-2022. Refinitiv rankings are based on submissions from league table participants in accordance with Refinitiv submission requirements and detailed league table rankings criteria. Pursuant to such criteria, Refinitiv reserves the right to review and determine league table eligibility and challenge validity based on the best information available. Moreover, under the criteria, a deal submitted for league table purposes may be challenged by other firms questioning the accuracy of the data. Antares does not pay a fee for league table consideration. The number of firms considered varies over time based on the Refinitiv criteria which is available from Antares upon request. Note that the rating is not indicative of Antares or Antares Capital Adviser’s future performance.


Antares holds a large portion of each loan we fund on our own balance sheet, driving alignment of interests with investors and co-investors. Working closely with borrowers allows Antares to support ongoing growth financing needs, with two-thirds of Antares’ loan activity annually originating from existing borrowers.

Industry DiversificationAs of September 30, 2023.

Antares maintains a portfolio of ~470 private equity-backed companies. We focus on non-cyclical companies that we believe can withstand market cycles. We seek out companies with a demonstrated history of performance and free cash flow, an established market position that includes scale and diversity, and strong management, operations and systems.

  • 17% Healthcare
  • 14% Business Services
  • 13% High Tech Industries
  • 12% Banking, Finance & Insurance
  • 5% Capital Equipment
  • 5% Chemicals & Plastics
  • 6% Consumer Services
  • 3% Transportation: Cargo
  • 4% Wholesale
  • 3% Automotive
  • 3% Containers, Packaging & Glass
  • 3% Consumer goods: Non-durable
  • 3% Food & Beverage
  • 9% Other

Why Antares

With allocations to private credit increasing, finding the right manager – one with significant skill and experience – is critical.


We believe our scale, sourcing and selectivity translates into better performance outcomes over time.

Timothy Lyne
Chief Executive Officer

In the Spotlight

Portfolio companies we invest in lead meaningful change across many sectors, bring innovation to the mid-market, and illustrate the value creation and growth associated with ESG.