A Differentiated Platform

Our liquid credit strategy, focused on syndicated loans, is backed by the power of CPP Investments, Antares’ majority owner and one of the largest pension funds globally, fostering strategic alignment between Antares and investors. We apply a disciplined investment framework that is designed to drive strong performance throughout the full credit cycle.

The strategy is bolstered by a Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) platform established in 2017 to diversify Antares’ funding sources and raise capital to accelerate the growth of the firm. The second largest middle market CLO managerAs of March 31, 2024. Source: BofA Global Research US Manager AUM ranking, LCD, Intex. in the US by AUM, Antares has relationships with 90+ existing institutional CLO investors.

Investment Philosophy

Antares strives to implement the following key principles in its business:


  • Disciplined credit selection, a core value of Antares’ philosophy
  • Consistent investment approach driven by fundamental credit underwriting
  • Extensive analysis of transaction structure, loan documentation, collateral valuation and protections


  • Diligent monitoring of investments, regardless of size, rating or sector
  • Optimization of portfolios through active trading while maintaining buy and sell discipline
  • Capitalizing on market inefficiencies and relative value opportunities


  • An acute focus on seeking downside protection and capital preservation
  • Rigorous protection of invested principal and margin of safety in the event of default
  • Analysis of capacity to repay principal and sufficient enterprise value to cover debt