1. #1 Middle Market Bookrunner
    Source: Refinitiv LPC for Sponsored Middle Market Transactions as published on January 4, 2023; Middle Market definition: Borrower sales size <= $500M and total loan deal size <=$500M. Rank is by total deal count from 2010 – 2022. Refinitiv rankings are based on submissions from league table participants in accordance with Refinitiv submission requirements and detailed league table rankings criteria. Pursuant to such criteria, Refinitiv reserves the right to review and determine league table eligibility and challenge validity based on the best information available. Moreover, under the criteria, a deal submitted for league table purposes may be challenged by other firms questioning the accuracy of the data. Antares does not pay a fee for league table consideration. The number of firms considered varies over time based on the Refinitiv criteria which is available from Antares upon request. Note that the rating is not indicative of Antares or Antares Capital Adviser’s future performance.Back to content
  2. Lead Arranger on ~90% of Financings (2016 -2Q23)
    Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and future results may differ materially. Commentary and figures shown are related to the Private Credit strategy. Lead Lender role includes transactions where Antares was lead-left arranger, right-lead arranger and/or admin agent. Based on origination deal count between 2016 – June 30, 2023.Back to content
  3. CUMA
    As of June 30, 2023, CUMA is defined as the sum of, without duplication, (i) for actively investing advised accounts (i.e., funds and separately managed accounts) and contract investor programs, the total equity commitments and, with respect to actively investing advised accounts, maximum leverage limits per the applicable limited partnership agreement or other governing document of such accounts, plus (ii) for advised accounts or contract investor programs that are no longer investing, total outstanding principal balance of loans and loan commitments held by such vehicles, plus (iii) for advised CLOs that are not consolidated on Antares balance sheet, the sum of total outstanding principal balance of loans and loan commitments held thereby for investment, including cash, restricted cash and cash equivalents, plus (iv) for the consolidated Antares balance sheet (inclusive of CLOs that are consolidated within the Antares balance sheet), the sum of total outstanding principal balance of loans and loan commitments held thereby for investment, including investment securities (i.e., equity tags), cash, restricted cash and cash equivalents. For purposes of the foregoing clause (i), the maximum leverage limit included herein may be different from the actual amount of leverage applied in the case of any given account. Contract investor programs are not advised clients of Antares Capital Advisers LLC and are either self-directed or managed by a third party. For the avoidance of doubt, CUMA is not intended to be the same as (and is calculated differently as compared to) Antares Capital Advisers LLC’s regulatory assets under management, as reported under Item 5.F on Part 1 of Form ADV.Back to content