A Framework for Effective Risk Management

Responsible investment principles are deeply embedded in how we do business at Antares and how we measure and deliver value.

We incorporate material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors – a pillar of our responsible investment strategy – alongside other factors in our investment process to enhance returns and better manage risks. As a UN PRI signatory, we seek an active role in promoting responsible investment values.

A strong responsible investment proposition correlates with value creation and growth. A sound, integrated program can deliver benefits across many fronts and to multiple stakeholders. The halo effect includes operational efficiencies, innovation, greater employee engagement, supply-chain resilience, risk mitigation, improved financial performance, enhanced security, and other strategic business benefits.


Last Update: May 2023

The Antares' Responsible Investment Policy

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Our responsible investment strategy is a long-term approach grounded in our values and our history as a relationship-driven firm for more than 26 years. The nature of our relationships with our private equity sponsors and our borrowers, many of which are decades long, aligns with this strategy and allows us to see beyond the execution of a 'transaction' in our market.

Mary (Gaede) Rose
Head of Responsible Investment Strategy

In-depth, fundamental analysis is at the heart of our investment philosophy. And ESG factors are integrated into the framework of our investment process.

Our Insights

At Antares we understand that responsible investment practices are dynamic and evolving at a rapid pace. Fresh insights and knowledge from trusted advisors are essential to this continuous journey.

Working with Purpose

At Antares, we work with purpose—championing middle market growth so our people, partners and communities achieve their full potential. This purpose is at the core of our continuous focus on building a more diverse workforce and creating a culture of belonging that positively impacts our business and our communities.

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