Industry Specialization: Technology, Software & Communications

An increasingly complex cybersecurity environment. A migration from on-premises solutions to SaaS models. The proliferation of private, hybrid and public cloud environments. A growth in the popularity of integrated payment processors. Only a few of the many trends shaping the technology industry today. Trends that require flexible capital and an experienced team to stay competitive and deliver growth.

That’s where Antares comes in. From vertical software and data and information services, to payment processing and telecom and IT infrastructure. Antares knows the technology sector. We’re proud to be a leader in providing middle-market, private equity-backed technology companies with the capital they require to grow in an ever-evolving industry. Consistently. Reliably.

120 Borrowers in the Portfolio¹

73 Unique Sponsors

$5.9B in Antares Total Commitments

Diversified Across Various Subsectors
Specialty Sectors
  • Software
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Integrated Payment Processors
  • Tech-Enabled Business Services
Representative Borrower Attributes
  • Private equity backed
  • Strong cash flow characteristics
  • Established companies / market leaders
  • High recurring revenue
  • High customer / revenue retention & low churn
  • Attractive end markets
  • Strong management team depth and relevant experience

Recent Technology Transactions

The transactions shown on this page are representative of credit facilities provided by Antares Capital LP’s lending platform and are not exhaustive of Antares Capital LP’s portfolio. Criteria for displaying credit facility information on this page includes the following selection criteria which may be modified or waived from time to time: (i) Antares Capital LP must be an agent or arranger on the credit facility, (ii) the transaction must be for (a) a new platform, (b) a refinancing or recapitalization of a prior Antares Capital LP credit facility, or (c) a material add-on to the borrower’s business, and (iii) the sponsor has consented to the publication of such information. The information shown on this page should not be used as a basis for investment decisions nor should it be considered an indication of the performance of Antares Capital LP’s portfolio. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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Managing Director
Los angeles

1: As of September 30, 2022; Includes companies with the Moody’s Risk Classification: High Tech Industries, Services: Business, Transportation: Cargo, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, Telecommunications, Media: Advertising, Printing & Publishing, Services: Consumer, Media: Broadcasting & Subscription, Media: Diversified & Production.

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