An unparalleled perspective on the middle market

Laser-focused. Consistent. Charting the direction of the middle market is what we do every day. For over two decades and through cycles, Antares has been entrenched in the market alongside our sponsors, borrowers and investors. That experience translates into a unique perspective we are proud to share.

2nd Annual Antares Compass

A unique, triangulated perspective on the middle market from our portfolio companies, private equity sponsors and
loan investors. Read more

Navigating the High Seas of Middle Market Lending

Although optimism remains the prevailing wind, middle market seas could start to get choppy. Antares' David Brackett and John Martin discuss their views on the market and what they are doing to keep a firm hand on the tiller. Read more

One Hundred Dealmakers Chime In

100 middle market dealmakers weigh in on the economy, M&A and top concerns. Take a look at what they had to say. Read more

Antares Interview: Private debt market in 2018

Vivek Mathew and John Martin share their perspectives on what’s in store for the private debt market in 2018.

Antares Compass: 2017

Optimism is the prevailing sentiment for middle market players in 2017, who, despite some uncertainty, are generally preparing to conduct business as usual. Read more

Middle Market Report

The annual readings on the middle market are in and, as we chart the direction of 2018, it seems there is strong evidence for favorable sailing ahead. Read more

2018 Outlook from Rusate Capital Management

David Rusate, President and Founder, Rusate Capital Management, shares the firm’s expectations for 2018, covering everything from the U.S. GDP to interest rates.

Antares Interview: Choosing the best credits

Timothy Lyne, Senior Managing Director, Antares Capital, shares why the right firm is just as important as the right instrument.

U.S. Special: Antares makes the case for sponsored senior debt

In a Q&A with PDI, Timothy Lyne, Senior Managing Director, Antares Capital, offers insights on the U.S. market and how private debt fits in. Read more

CPP Investment Board White Paper

In this insightful interview, John Graham, Managing Director, Head of Principal Credit Investments, CPPIB, talks about the attractiveness of private credit. Read more

Antares Interview: Picking your partners

In an interview with PDI, Dave Brackett, Co-CEO, Managing Partner, Antares Capital, shares what investors should keep in mind when considering private credit debt.